The period in history we refer to as "medieval" is also known as the "Middle Ages". It marks the years from approximately 500A.D. to about 1400A.D. During this unit, we will be studying the era known as the "High Medieval" era, which was about the years 1000 A.D. to 1400 A. D.


Click here to explore some of the instruments that minstrels played during Medieval times. Some look like instruments today, but some are very unusual!

Click here to get directions for how to create a Medieval Rose Window

9/8/11 Final Medieval Times Projects

These will be iMovie Projects. You will create a slide show about your person narrated from the 1st person point of view (as if you are the character and you are telling your own story). Information to include:

When and where were you born?
Any interesting things about how/when/where growing up.
A time line of your life explaining each event. (you will make these online - on a Pages document, then put them in your slideshow).
Tell about some of your major challenges and accomplishments.
What was life like for you?
Include a map that shows where you were born and where major events in your life took place (you will do this on a Scribble Map and then put it in your slideshow).
Include a final text screen that explains your death - your obituary.

All of the slides should have pictures that show things that could have been a part of your life - pictures of they kinds of church you may have gone to, pictures of the kind of castle or house you may have lived in, pictures of medieval battles you may have fought in, etc.

Be sure to save or bookmark the URL's of the sites you use for your research - you will need to turn these in to me at the end of the project.